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Welcome to Nuova Olearia, producing the highest Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil world wide. We believe that our Olive Oil is the best produced Olive Oil worldwide. We provide the highest grade olive oil for export worldwide. We now have a UK presence and are able to provide our quality Olive Oil to UK clients and around the world.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, For sale WORLDWIDE

Highest Quality


EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL at low trade prices, but of the HIGHEST quality we believe you will have ever tasted. Our customer base is growing rapidly, all it takes is one small sample and you will be ordering REAL Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Wholesale / Bulk from Calabria


USA, China Customers Welcome

Our Olive Oil Production Site
Our Olive Plantation Bottles waiting to be filled
Old Photos of Calabrian Harvesters
Our Olive Mill Laboratory